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Power Harmonics Analyser PHA-1

PHA-1 is a software module that can be added to the PQA-1 module. It is designed to provide most comprehensive harmonic analysis for the electric power networks. The PHA-1 can either be used as a stand-alone instrument (in conjunction with the hardware module) or it can be purchased as an add-on option to complement the Power Quality Analyser PQA-1, for more detailed harmonic distortion-related studies. When in operation the PHA continuously acquires and processes a selected voltage or current input channel. A high degree of accuracy in the analyses is achieved through the implementation of modern, state of the art digital signal processing methods. A dynamic numeric table (as can be seen on the right hand side of the screen snapshot) displays RMS values of harmonics from the fundamental through to 50th harmonic. Using one of four selectable logging rates, the analyser stores 58 wave parameters on the hard disk of the host notebook computer along with the date and time-stamps in CSV. comma delimited format.

Common signal conditioning interface-unit complete with 4 flexible current transducers and 4 clip-on voltage terminals is supplied for use with all three software modules PQA-1, PHA-1 and PTR-1.

The analyser is also equipped with a filtering module consisting of 5 most popular digital filters. The filters are capable of eliminating the distortions in the sinusoidal voltage or current inputs and help in establishing the right waveform corrective measures.


Monitoring and Logging Parameters:
  • Wave presented in time domain form
  • Wave presented in frequency domain form
  • 4 selectable data logging rates; Continues (8136data records/min), 1line/minute, 1line/10 minutes, 1line/hour.
  • Menu selectable acquisition channels VR, VW, VB, IR, IW; IB, IN
  • Choice of 7 windowed options to display the frequency domain graph.
  • Choice of 7 display settings: rms, pk, rms^2, pk^2, rms/Sqr(Hz), pk/Sqr(Hz), rms^2/Sqr(Hz), pk^2/Sqr(Hz)
  • Choice of 3 ("Linear", "db" and "dbm") representations of the Frequency domain graph.
  • Display of 5 harmonic groups "Even", "Odd", "Multiple of 3rd", "Multiple of 5th"and "Multiple of 7th", harmonics.
  • Display of RMS and Peak-to-Peak values in time and frequency domain wave images
  • Estimated Peak Frequency value
  • Displays %THD
Other Features:
  • Choice of 5 filter designs: Chebyshev, Inv. Chebyshev, Elliptic, Bessel and Butterworth
  • Choice of 4 filter types: Bandpass, Bandstop, Lowpass, Highpass.
  • Creates a CSV file that can be imported into Excel or other MS-Office Applications
  • Windows 98 operating system
  • Non-intrusive clamp-on current transducers.
  • Can continue analysis on the background while the PC is used to perform other tasks.


PC Interface

Operating System

Maximum Rated Phase to Neutral Voltage

Rated Current Transducer Ranges

4 x Current Flexible Transducers

Current Transducer Accuracy

Scanning Rate



Windows 98

300V. AC. RMS.

30A, 300A, 3000A

178 mm I.D. window.

1% of full Scale (45-65 Hx)



Power Supply


Current consumption (not including the PC)

5V. DC. from the PC Buss


0.1A Max.