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Power Quality Analyser PQA-1

PQA-1 is a portable three-phase-with-neutral electrical power networks analyser. The analyser provides a comprehensive range of electrical measurements and an analysis of electrical quantities. It utilises the latest in modern state of the art digital signal processing technology and methods. The PQA is capable of capturing and displaying voltage and current waveforms of all 3-phases simultaneously. The measured and derived electrical quantities can be logged on the hard disk of a host notebook PC (in a comma delimited .csv file-format) using four selectable logging intervals. The created file is readily accessible by spreadsheet based applications such as Excel. The PC based design ensures that there is ample disk memory and facilities to remotely retrieve measured and stored data via a telephone line. The PC based hardware platform and Windows based software of the analyser makes it a simple unit to learn, operate, modify and upgrade.

Common signal conditioning interface-unit complete with 4 flexible current transducers and 4 clip-on voltage terminals is supplied for use with all three software modules PQA-1, PHA-1 and PTR-1.

Power utilities can benefit from the ability of the analyser to provide on-the-spot evaluations of all power quality related problems with ease and at a fraction of cost of alternative instrument options. The PQA1 adds an enormous amount of confidence to the selection of the most appropriate power corrective measures that would lead to the improvements in overall system stability, reliability and efficiency.

Screen Image - Instrument Panel


Monitoring and Logging Parameters:

  • Peak Voltage of VR , VW , VB
  • True RMS Voltage of VR , VW , VB
  • Peak Currents of IR , IW , IB, IN
  • Apparent Power S(kVA) of R, W, B
  • Active Power P(kW) of R, W, B
  • Reactive Power Q(kVAr) R, W, B
  • Power Factors Cos j (rad.) of R, W, B
  • 3-Phase Apparent Power S(kVA)
  • 3-Phase Active Power P(kW)
  • 3-Phase Reactive Power Q(kVAr)
  • Crest factors of VR , VW , VB, IR , IW , IB, IN
  • % Total of 50 Harmonic Distortions of VR , VW , VB, IR , IW , IB, IN
  • Peak-Hold Maximum RMS Values of VR , VW , VB
  • Peak-Hold Minimum RMS Values of VR , VW , VB
  • Peak-Hold Maximum RMS Values of IR , IW , I B, IN
  • Peak-Hold Minimum RMS Values of IR , IW , IB, IN
  • Residual Current
  • Maximum Power Demand of 1-Phase P(kW)
  • Minimum Power Demand of 1-Phase P(kW)
  • Maximum Power Demand of 3-Phase P(kW)
  • Minimum Power Demand of 3-Phase P(kW)
  • Phase Angles between IR-IW; IW-IB; IB-IR
  • Phase Angles between VR-VW; VW-VB; VB-VR
  • Phase Angle of Residual Current.
  • Phase Angle of Neutral Current.
  • Frequency (Red phase)

Other Features Include:

  • 4 selectable logging rates; Continues logging of 8136 data points/min, 1set/minute, 1set /10 minutes, 1set/hour.
  • Displays full power spectrum using 7-channel real time wave monitor.
  • None intrusive clamp-on current transducers.
  • Creates CSV (coma delimited) file format.
  • Windows 98 operating system
  • Multitasking. Runs PQA program on the background while PC is used to perform other tasks.


PC Interface

Operating System

Maximum Rated Phase to Neutral Voltage

Rated Current Transducer Ranges

4 x Current Flexible Transducers

Current Transducer Accuracy

Scanning Rate


Power Supply


Current consumption (not including the PC)


Windows 98

300V. AC. RMS.

30A, 300A, 3000A

178 mm I.D. window.

1% of full Scale (45-65 Hx)



5V. DC. from the PC Buss


0.1A Max.