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Power Transient Recorder PTR-1

PTR-1 is a portable instrument capable of capturing and recording of voltage or current transients during considerable periods of time. It can either be used as a self contained unit in conjunction with the hardware module or it can be purchased as an add-on option to complement the Power Quality Analyser PQA-1. Transients may be caused by a lightening strike, a fault or by switching operation (such as the opening of a circuit breaker) and may readily be transferred from one conductor to another by means of electrostatic or electromagnetic coupling. The PTR-1 is especially designed for capturing, displaying and recording any changes in the steady state condition of voltage or current in the power network. The instrument is equipped with several powerful sampling and recording functions, which are based on latest state of the art digital signal processing technology.

Common signal conditioning interface-unit complete with 4 flexible current transducers and 4 clip-on voltage terminals is supplied for use with all three software modules PQA-1, PHA-1 and PTR-1.

With five available logging rates the recorder can process and store vast amounts of data samples, which would only be limited by size of the hard disk of its host notebook PC. The acquired information is filed using the coma-delimited file-format (csv) accessible by all spreadsheet or text based application programs.

The PTR-1 helps the power utility to identify and then isolate the transient related sources. This brings an enormous amount of benefits in maximising the overall stability, reliability and efficiency of the electric power supply systems.


Monitoring and Logging:
  • Peak Voltages VR , or VW , or VB
  • Peak Currents IR , or IW , or IB, or IN
  • Five data logging options:
    - Captures and logs maximum peak value every 1 minute using autoreset function.
    - Captures and logs maximum peak values every 10 minutes using autoreset function.
    - Captures and logs maximum peak value every 1 hour using autoreset function.
    - Captures and logs maximum peak value not using autoreset function (suitable for short time monitoring e.g. motor start and stop related transients)
    - Determines and logs Vpk max, Vpk min Vrms, or Ipk max, Ipk min Irms, when /V2/-/V1/>DV or /I2/-/I1/>DI, Where - DV and DI are pre-set limits (function is useful for monitoring and recording sags, swells and flicker in power systems).
  • Generates sound beep when conditions for logging are met.
  • Displays time domain waveform with auto and manually adjustable Y and X scales
  • Windows 98 operating system


PC Interface

Operating System

Maximum Rated Phase to Neutral Voltage

Rated Current Transducer Ranges

4 x Current Flexible Transducers

Current Transducer Accuracy

Scanning Rate



Windows 98

300V. AC. RMS.

30A, 300A, 3000A

178 mm I.D. window.

1% of full Scale (45-65 Hx)



Power Supply


Current consumption (not including the PC)

5V. DC. from the PC Buss


0.1A Max.