Our Products

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Magnetic Field Meters

HMI -1 EMF meter, a handheld triaxial magnetic field meter for the measurement of AC magnetic fields. For further technical info and a sample operating manual, see get in touch.

Current Meter

Optically Isolated Current Meter for High, Medium & Low Voltage AC Power Lines
Measures AC currents in HV and LV overhead conductors and provides excellent electrical isolation of up to 100kV AC insuring maximum protection.

Monitor Shielding Boxes

Eliminates or substantially reduces VDU interference caused by DC or low frequency AC (50-60Hz) magnetic fields.

Power Quality Analyzer

Power Quality Analyzer (PQA-1), a portable three-phase-with-neutral electrical power networks analyser, providing a comprehensive range of electrical measurements and an analysis of electrical quantities.

Power Harmonics Analyzer

The Power Harmonics Analyzer (PHA-1) provides comprehensive harmonic analysis for electric power networks.

Power Transient Recorder

Power Transient Recorder (PTR-1), a portable instrument capable of capturing and recording voltage or current transients across extended periods of time.

Pollution Monitoring of High Voltage Insulator Surfaces

Measures and monitors the leakage current on the surface of a polluted insulator.